Zaphir Chime - Crystalide

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Zaphir chimes have a gentle melodious sound and are perfect for use in sound healing. Simply hold up by the cord and move gently to create a wonderful soundscape. Perfect for relaxation.

This chime is coloured turquoise  and is has the notes   G A B D A G B D. It is the chime for Spring and its sound is bright and light.

They can also be used as a wind chime. They are coated by an eco varnish which will protect it for a time but would benefit from a protected position and regular wax, oil or varnish to protect it if left out all the time. 

There are 5 chimes available with different tunings:-

  • CRYSTALIDE    G A B D A G B D  (spring)   
  • SUNRAY           G#B C#E G#E A C#  (summer) 
  • TWILIGHT        E G B C E G B C  (autum)
  • BLUE MOON    D F A B C E A#C  (winter) 
  • SUFI                  F A D F A G A D  (intermediary season) 


The instrument sounds harmonious and is easy to play. The proportions of the resonance tube coincides with the Golden Ratio principles for optimal sound and resonance.

Materials: outer case is wooden and inner ring of cords is made of metal.

Size: length 4.9 inches

Audio Recording for Crystalide:-