Crystal Feet For Tuning Forks - OM - Small

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Om Crystal Feet for Tuning Forks - Small (0.6 inch diameter)

The crystal is clear quartz and  this attachment has an Om symbol engraved into the crystal which will amplify the universal frequency of the Om sound.

Our crystal attachments (tuning fork feet made of stainless steel, not nickel-plated!) are an ideal addition to the tuning fork work, which transfer the natural stone vibration with the vibration frequency of the tuning fork directly to the body.

This makes it possible to use the vibration energy combined with the gemstone vibration.

The tuning fork attachments are used in sound healing, phonophoresis, vibration therapy and stone medicine.

When the tuning fork is activated, the gemstone vibrates at the corresponding frequency.

With many quartz and other gemstones, fine piezoelectric currents are created, which means that the transmission of vibrations is transmitted to the body in a different way than directly via the handle or a steel attachment.

The attachments can be cleaned under running water or with disinfectant. Some types of stone are sensitive, the gemstone attachment can be damaged if it falls to the ground or strikes hard objects.

The tuning fork foot is simply attached to the stem of the tuning fork with an Allen key which is included (note the small screw is already in the crystal foot). Alternatively, you can unscrew and remove the tiny metal screw with the Allen key and then you may attach it with the black plastic screw if you want to regularly change the foot onto a different tuner.

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