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Healing Tuned Pipes (With Stand)


Perfect Fifth Healing Tuned Pipes. Set of 7 - with Stand, as illustrated.

These pipes are custom made for the Sound Healing Academy. Each pipe will be set at a perfect fifth to the next pipe and all tuned to A at 432Hz. These tuned pipes (tubular bells) are perfect for helping to combat stress and the health issues associated with them. The healing sounds are particularly harmonious and relaxing. Notes are F2, C3, G3, D4, A4, E5 and B5.

The tuned pipes (tubular bells) are made from high quality heat treated Aluminium and the pipes produce a beautiful and long lasting sound.


Pipe dimensions are 39 – 132cm

Stand is 83cm wide and 152cm high

  • 7 Piece Pipe with Rings on each side
  • 1 Wood Hand Stand to hang one or two pipes
  • 1 Rubber Mallet

To use these pipes you can hang two at a time on the hand stand and strike them or alternatively you may wish to make your own stand.

These tuned pipes are a little like a Tibetan bowl in nature in that you hear overtones. What kind of mallet you tap them with and where you tap them can change the note you hear. A rubber ball mallet is provided to tap the pipes but you can also use a gong mallet or felt headed Tibetan bowl mallet which will bring out the rich, deep lower tones especially in the longer pipes.


These sets of pipes are now hand made to order so they are not sent out immediately. The time to make them is estimated at two weeks. They are sent in two boxes direct from the manufacturer in India and there is likely to be a customs charge for some countries (not USA). The courier used is a fast service so once dispatched delivery time is just a few days. Once your pipes are on their way you will be informed and given tracking information.


Following Brexit this product has to be shipped to us here at the shop and we will then send the parcels to you via ParcelForce.  We pay import duty and taxes so there is no extra cost for you to pay.