Tuning Fork Leg Activator

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This Tuning Fork Leg Activator is ideal for professionals.

It can be comfortably worn on the leg for activating tuning forks.

It is made from flexible rubber with an adjustable strap.

For more information, check out our Tuning Forks Courses and our In-Person Sound Healing Training Courses!

Customer Reviews

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Leg activator

The leg activator is very helpful using as my go to striker for my tuning forks. It stays right with me as I’m working with people. I no longer have to move my original striker along as I’m working on a client. Best of all; my knees are now bruise free.

Tonyo Poweigha
Tuning Fork Leg Activator

I'm not quite sure what surface to strike: the rubber, or the belt.
A short video could be helpful. I would like to return it and exchange
with some other product - another striker/activator, or tuning fork.
Could you please authorize return. Many thanks.


Here is a video from the Sound Healing Academy about using different Tuning Fork Activators including the leg activator,

Here is the return policy:
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