Level 1 Foundation In Sound Healing Starter Kit (Heavier bowl 2.1 lb - 2.5 lb)

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This is the basic Sound Healing Starter Kit that you need to complete The Sound Healing Academy Level 1 Foundation Certificate In Integral Sound Healing.

NOTE: A lower cost version with a lighter weight bowl is also available.

By buying this starter kit, you can save over 7% on the total cost of all the items purchased separately!

It contains the following instruments:

  • Medium sized Tibetan singing bowl. Bowl will be 6.5″ - 7.5″ in diameter and its weight will be in the region of 2.1lb - 2.5lb), and we always make sure to send a bowl that creates good sounds when tapped and that's easy to play around the rim.
  • A set of 2 whole body tuning forks (notes are C & G)
  • One Weighted Om tuning fork
  • A rubber ball mallet
  • Medium Suede Mallet
  • An egg shaker

The Tibetan singing bowl is made by artisans from a 7 metal mix, using traditional hand beaten methods.

The tuning forks are made from special grade aluminium alloy and their frequency is guaranteed to be tuned to an accuracy of +/- 0.25%, which is a very good healing grade accuracy. 

If you are interested to join one of our Sound Healing Courses, check out our Online Level 1 Certificate: Foundations Of Integral Sound Healing (Multi Instrument) or our In-Person Sound Healing Training Courses!

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Great service and product

I have found a trusted partner at Sound Therapy Shop

Carolyn L Boothroyd

Not overly pleased

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Christine chiappone

The starter kit for level one Sound healing is fun ! I’m enjoying experimenting with it all