Level 1 Foundation in Sound Healing Starter Deluxe Kit (Bowl 2.6lb-3.0lb)

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This is the basic sound healing starter kit for you to complete the Sound Healing Academy Level 1 Foundation Certificate In Sound Healing.

By buying the starter kit you save on the total cost of all the items purchased separately. 

It contains the following instruments:

  • Medium/Large sized Tibetan singing bowl. Bowl will be 7″ - 8″ in diameter and weight will be over 2.6lb - 3.0lb. Heavier bowls like this have greater resonance and often a longer sustained sound.  I make sure I send a bowl that has a good sound when tapped and is easy to play around the rim.
  • A set of 2 Whole Body Tuning Forks (notes are C & G)
  • One Weighted Om Tuning Fork
  • Rubber Ball Mallet
  • Medium Suede Mallet
  • An Egg Shaker
  • A cushion for the bowl
  • One Rubber Ball for the end of the Weighted Tuning Fork

The bowl is made by artisans using traditional hand beaten methods and it's made of a 7 metal mix.

The tuning forks are made from special grade aluminium alloy.

The frequency is guaranteed to be tuned to an accuracy of +/- 0.25%, which is a very good healing grade accuracy.

For more information, check out our Level 1 Foundations Of Integral Sound Healing (Multi Instrument and our In-Person Sound Healing Training Courses!

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Instruments

I am very satisfied with my purchase of the Level 1 starter kit. These are high quality instruments.

Melissa Moorhouse
Quality stuff

Well packed and arrived promptly, top notch instruments that sound beautiful


Beautiful! Exactly as described, the bowl is especially nice!

Christine Maldonado
Live webinar

The hour went by quickly! Nice meeting- the hosts were fab; open, honest and fun!