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Starter kit for Foundation and Diploma (3 medium sized bowls)

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I now build this kit to order. Please email if you would like this kit. If I cannot build it straight away I will do so as soon as all instruments are available.


This kit provides you with all you need to complete the Sound Healing Academy level 1 Foundation in Integral Sound Healing.

It also provides you with all the tuning forks and Tibetan bowls you require for these 2 Modules in level 2 Diploma in Integral Sound Healing.

Please note this kit is subject to the availability of suitable Tibetan bowls. I choose bowls carefully for the intervals.  Pease note C bowls are not medium sized and D bowls are often larger too so are not normally part of this set.

The kit includes the following:-

  • Set of 8 Harmonic Spectrum Tuning forks plus mallet
  • Set of 3 weighted Otto forks 32Hz, 64Hz, 128Hz plus rubber activator
  • Set of 3 Tibetan bowls  ( medium sized bowls in third octave) plus suitable wand. These will be carefully selected so that it is possible to create notes that are harmonious and dissonant depending on which two are played and I will advise you of the notes and which ones create releasing or relaxing sounds.
  • An egg shaker

For the Foundation in Sound Healing you will require 1 medium sized bowl, C & G tuners (these are in the set of 8 harmonic spectrum tuners), a weighted Om fork is specified but you may use the Otto 128Hz fork for these exercises as they are very close in Hz.

You may wish to add a weighted Om to the set as there is value in having both forks as a combination to break up stuck energy.

At Diploma you need the whole harmonic spectrum set and Otto set plus 3 bowls to create harmony and dissonance. This kit would enable you to complete 3 of the 6 modules of the Diploma bearing in mind one module is Voice.

To work with all instruments covered in the Diploma you would also need a gong, a frame drum and 3 crystal bowls. Do bear in mind you only need to complete workbooks for three instruments so you do not have to buy every instrument that is covered in the course.

Optional items you may wish to add

You may wish to add a weighted Om to the set as there is value in having both forks as a combination to break up stuck energy. 

A felt headed mallet is great for tapping singing bowl as it brings out the lower tones.

Rubber balls for tuning forks. Great for harmonic spectrum as one of each colour to denote the Chakras and it makes them easy to hold.

Interested in learning more about Tibetan Singing Bowls? You can see our online courses here, or our workshop courses here.