Zaphir Chime - Crystalide

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Zaphir chimes have a gentle melodious sound and are perfect for use in sound healing. Simply hold up by the cord and move gently to create a wonderful soundscape. Perfect for relaxation.

This chime is coloured turquoise  and is has the notes   G A B D A G B D. It is the chime for Spring and its sound is bright and light.

They can also be used as a wind chime. They are coated by an eco varnish which will protect it for a time but would benefit from a protected position and regular wax, oil or varnish to protect it if left out all the time. 

There are 5 chimes available with different tunings:-

  • CRYSTALIDE    G A B D A G B D  (spring)   
  • SUNRAY           G#B C#E G#E A C#  (summer) 
  • TWILIGHT        E G B C E G B C  (autum)
  • BLUE MOON    D F A B C E A#C  (winter) 
  • SUFI                  F A D F A G A D  (intermediary season) 

 For a limited time: Various Colors Available:

 Light Orange, Pink

Please Specify Color Choice

The instrument sounds harmonious and is easy to play. The proportions of the resonance tube coincides with the Golden Ratio principles for optimal sound and resonance.

Materials: outer case is wooden and inner ring of cords is made of metal.

Size: length 4.9 inches

Audio Recording for Crystalide:-