Set Of 7 White Crystal Singing Bowls In Beige Bags

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This beautiful set includes 7 White Crystal Singing Bowls (for the 7 chakras) and ranges in bowl size from 6" to 12". 
  • Made with High Purity Australian Quartz
  • 432 Hz Tuning Scale Frequency for optimal sound and vibrational healing
  • Signature Matt Finish – smooth and matt on the outside (not frosty) to allow easy playing and produce clearer, purer tones

The related notes and details are:

  • Base/Root Chakra – 12" bowl, C note
  • Sacral Chakra - 11" bowl, D note
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – 10" bowl, E note
  • Heart Chakra - 9" bowl, F note
  • Throat Chakra – 8" bowl, G note
  • 3rd Eye Chakra - 7" bowl, A note
  • Crown Chakra – 6" bowl, B note 

For easy identification, each bowl has the chakra symbol with the associated musical note printed inside.

What's included:

  • Set of 7 Rainbow Sounds white crystal singing bowls
  • 2 beige carry bags (11" and 12" bags) and nesting pouches
  • 7 white o-rings and 7 black o-rings (for the bowls to sit on)
  • 4 mallets (2 rubber mallets, 2 silicone mallets)
  • Care instructions
  • Packed securely and safely for their transit in 2 layers of reinforced boxes

This set is being mailed by the manufacturer from a warehouse in the UK. There is likely to be a customs charge.

For more information, check out our Crystal Singing Bowls Courses and our In-Person Sound Healing Training Courses!

This set is perfect for the Level 2 Diploma Sound Healing Courses at The Sound Healing Academy.

The Sound Therapy Shop is working in collaboration with Rainbow Sounds.

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Set of 7 white crystal singing bowls

Excellent customer service, fast and well packaged shipment, beautiful tone and resononace